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Features: - VirtualDJ Remix - VirtualDJ 6 comes with the advanced virtual DJ Remix feature! Now you can remix an entire mix, adjust it to a custom genre or mix, save it, and then play it out. - Top Mixes - An updated Top Mixes section for your convenience, so you can always see the best DJ mixes in your categories. - Beat-matching - Get the best results ever with the new Beat-matching function! Now you can hear what you would have heard, had you been there. - Online DJ session - With Online DJ Session, you can play real tracks from your hard drive while mixing. - DDJ-PRO - With DDJ-PRO, VirtualDJ gives you access to the most advanced features of the DDJ-PRO mixer. - New Main Menu - The new VirtualDJ Main Menu is designed to be the most intuitive in all of DJ software. - New Control Bar - Not only the classic control bars have been improved, but the new Control Bar is the way to go. - Access to Tools - Access to the tools for your favorite hardware controller by launching the Tool Access window and switching to the Tool Controller tab. - SoundFX - With SoundFX, you can have additional effects such as echo, reverb, or noise reduction, added to your mixes. - Visual FX - Visual FX adds a whole new dimension to the DJ experience. FX are visually represented on the screen and can be chosen while mixing. - MIDI controls - With the addition of MIDI controls, VirtualDJ lets you mix with an accurate approximation of your hardware controller. - Digital Beat - With Digital Beat, VirtualDJ lets you load an entire song into the software, so you can DJ with virtually any song. - Recording and Stream DJing - Mixing in-the-moment has never been easier with VirtualDJ's Recording feature. - Improved Live mode - The improved live mode with huge improvements in response time lets you mix and match with your audience. - Line 6 POD - Use your POD with the new POD compatible program, VirtualDJ. Connect your POD to the computer and stream your song in virtually any environment. - Line 6 SONIC-i - Use your SONIC-i or SONIC PRO with the new



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